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We need your input here, this is only sample.
Take a deep breath and let your imagination take you on a journey.
You take a walk to the water’s edge. The combination of turquoise,
aqua, and azure blue in the handpainted kaftan you are wearing,
blends with the seascape around you. Your cotton caftan is so
delicate, the fabric so sheer, that you feel the balmy ocean breeze
tickling your skin. Your toes sink into the damp packed sand and
the cool water swirls under the soles of your feet. You feel your stress
melt away, like ice cream on a steamy day. The sun falls low into the
sky and the orange sphere turns the horizon into a menagerie of color.
You turn and head towards the cabana bar. At the water’s edge you
slip on your comfy, cushy beaded sandals. As you walk, the beads
glisten with the last glimmer of sunlight.

We need your input here!!

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