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Are you looking for an easy eco-friendly fun fundraising opportunity for your school or organization?


Laws are passing nationwide against the use of disposable plastic bags. The pressure is on for everyone to use their own reusable shopping bag. Be on the cutting edge and sell a product that everyone needs and wants. Act now and earn $$$ for your school and be kind to the environment at the same time.
Contact Us for details of how this great product can make money for your club or school. Also, learn how by simply putting a link to our site from your school website your school can earn dollars by those who order directly from our website.

Green Soccer Ball Motif available for Soccer Clubs. Keep your fields green. Go Eco for your next fundraiser
You can also sell bags with your school or club logo. Contact us for details of how easy and quick this can be for you.
   Top 10 reasons to use Kozy Karma    
 Eco-Wallet Shopping Bags for your  
 next mini-fundraiser.

  1. Great for the environment
  2. Great design concept and easy to use.
  3. Simple product to sell.
  4. Sell only 100 bags for great profits!!!
  5. Reasonably priced
  6. They Make Great Gifts!
  7. Choose from 3 different motif designs or
    use your own logo.
  8. Manufactured in Bali (awesome place)
    using only fair trade and cottage industry.
  9. Eco-Bag zips up and is stored easily in your
    handbag. (very cool)
  10. Selling Kozy Karma products gives you
    good karma (anyway, we like to think so)

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