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Why buy reusable shopping bags for your store?  Did you know that the number of searches on Google for reusable shopping bags went from less than 200 a month in 2006 to nearly 10,000 a month in 2008.  People are starting to become aware of what they can do as an individual to create a better environment.  Using a reusable shopping bag is one of the easiest changes they can make that makes them feel good.  We believe that this trend will only escalate so act now and let customers know you are on the right track


We strive to bring you a unique and high quality product at a fair price.  For these reasons we must adhere to the company policies listed below.  We really appreciate your business and feel confident of your continuing success with our product. 


Our reusable shopping bags are not pre-packed for your convenience.  Our minimum order is 36 pieces. As this is a new product please call for delivery time.  Our hope is to have open stock with immediate availability.  At this early stage of marketing this product it may take some time to adjust our stock levels to an appropriate level.  Minimum reorder is 18 pieces


New customers will be set up on COD or Credit Card terms.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.  Corporate Companies with multiple locations, Please contact us for details.


We take special care to provide you with a quality product. Due to the durable quality of fabric and double reinforced stitching of this product, we don’t anticipate many returns. However we are happy to exchange any product which was incorrectly shipped or defective. We must be notified of any problems within 30 days of ship date.   All returns must be authorized.  Please call for a RA form.


Our company has always strived to implement fair trade and be eco conscious.  Our sandal company threw out plastic many years ago and packaged them in reusable mesh bags.  Please join us in taking another small step and encourage the use of reusable shopping bags.

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