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Distribution Warehouse
PO BOX 840055
St. Augustine, FL 32080
  Email : info@kozykarma.com
Phone: 800-647-3254
Fax: 866-573-5007
What happens when you contact us?

We are very interested in all your comments, suggestions, feedback and complaints, (though we hope we haven’t displeased you).  We will answer all emails within one business day. 

Phone and Fax are also options to contact us.  We apologize in advance that you’ll most likely have to leave a message.  Again, we will strive to return your call within one business day.  

At this time I am living in Bali, so I can focus on expanding this website with lots of great products.  Our distribution center is in Georgia but the employees there keep crazy hours.

We’re just a small company with big ideas on how to give you great products at great prices while being globally responsible, using cottage industry and fair trade practice. We believe this is a concept that will catch on and soon you’ll tell all your friends who will tell their friends and eventually we’ll be so busy, we will be able to offer immediate customer service.

Until then, know that we are here receiving your messages and loving to hear from you.  You can be certain that we will be getting back to you as quickly as possible, whether it is an email from me in Bali or a phone call from my distribution manager in Georgia.  I thank you in advance for your patience and your comments.
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