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Kozy Karma eco reusable shopping bags were created by Meeka Cook, the founder of Meeka, Inc.

Meeka, Inc, has been manufacturing products in Bali since 1987. You can read more about this company at www.meeka.com

For 20 years we have been adamant about producing our products implementing a cottage industry system with fair trade. We have been packaging our sandals in reusable mesh packaging bags for many years, way before it was trendy to do so.

Don’t let the words “cottage industry” fool you. It by no means compromises the quality or quantity of product availability. It simply means we utilize small family operations. This means locals are able to work close to home, set their own price for piecework and work the hours they choose. Large factories in big Asian cities usually bring workers in from their villages, where they have no choice but to live in dorms with other workers, work long hours for minimum wage regardless of hours worked or pieces completed. This keeps them from their families and breaks down long standing cultural traditions. We don’t believe this is fair and ethical practice.

As we start to think about small steps we can take to improve this rapidly changing world, we need to look at many issues. Promoting the use of reusable shopping bags is a great small step, but let’s go one step further and look at how these are produced, where they are produced and from what materials. By looking at the whole picture, we can start making smarter choices about the things we do to create a more healthy global community.

Peace, Meeka

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